Stop Wasting Time, Start Growing: 
Automate Inventory Management with LCR
From Warehouse Chaos to Efficiency:
LCR's Inventory Management Revolution

Stop Wasting Time, 
Start Growing: Automate
Inventory Management 
with LCR
From Warehouse Chaos
to Efficiency: LCR's
Inventory Management 

Bonuses when Working with LCR

Bonuses when Working with LCR

Free Discovery

We conduct a thorough Needs Assessment of your current solutions and identify unique business requirements and challenges.

We meet with team members from various levels within your organization for a comprehensive view of the process.

We conduct comprehensive process mapping to visualize current workflows, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your current processes.

We do a custom solution design; tailoring the software solution specifically to your needs.

Free custom training sessions

With your key employees

We use real-life scenarios in training to enhance understanding and applicability for your team.

Training on new software functionalities and best practices.

Free platform updates

For your custom-built system

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Ready to streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge? We'll help you create a custom inventory management system that perfectly fits your business needs and propels you towards success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Off-the-shelf software offers a generic solution, while LCR builds systems tailored to your specific workflows and needs.

While upfront costs may be higher, LCR systems decrease your total cost of ownership (TCO), potentially saving you money in the long run. How much time are you wasting right now that we can save you?

Absolutely! Our systems can seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting software, CRM, and other business tools.
Using low-code development, LCR can build your system in as little as 12 weeks – much faster than traditional coding methods.
No worries! LCR provides comprehensive training to ensure your team is comfortable and proficient with all the system’s features.
Our partnership doesn’t end there! LCR provides ongoing support, updates, and improvements to keep your system optimized for your evolving needs.
Absolutely! Real-time inventory tracking with LCR’s system helps you maintain optimal stock levels, preventing lost sales and wasted storage space.
Yes! Faster order fulfillment and accurate inventory tracking with LCR lead to happier customers who receive the products they need, when they need them.

LCR’s systems reduce waste, improve efficiency, and boost sales – all contributing to a significant improvement in your bottom line.

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    • Example: Is Inventory an asset? 

Inventory is generally considered a current asset, meaning it’s expected to be sold or used within a short period (typically one year or the operating cycle, whichever is longer). However, there are situations where inventory might be classified as a non-current asset.

For example, if you have obsolete or damaged inventory that cannot be sold or used readily, it might be considered a non-current asset (specifically, a “property, plant, and equipment” asset with zero or minimal value).

2. How can managing inventory effectively impact its classification as an asset?

Proper inventory management practices can positively impact its classification as an asset. By maintaining optimal stock levels, minimizing waste and obsolescence, and ensuring accurate inventory records, you reduce the risk of having to write down inventory value or classify it as non-current. This ultimately strengthens your company’s financial position.

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