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Are you struggling with the traditional methods of project tracking, digging deep into the mystery of spreadsheets, and being unable to find a way out? Then here’s a savior for you. TrackVia is a no-code/low-code app development platform that lets you build and integrate high-quality applications in days, not weeks. How? Well, the credit goes to its drag-and-drop interface that lets users create enterprise-grade web and mobile apps. TrackVia is different from its alternatives as it accounts for improving business velocity, agility, and efficiencies during the development process.

The beauty of TrackVia’s app development platform is that it promotes collaboration among developers and non-programmers. This way you can streamline the process to configure, deploy, and manage your applications. Also, one can easily start fast and scale over time as adding new apps and users can be done in just a few clicks. Thereby meeting an organization’s demand for growth.

Some of the key features of this platform include,

  • The platform facilitates collaboration across teams, as well as across other departments in an organization. This promotes transparency and faster turnaround times across different business units.
  • For deeper automation and business logic, TrackVia offers Flows. It is a drag-and-drop visual process builder that users can leverage to automate their processes and streamline the user experience.
  • One can seamlessly connect to other apps and software systems with TrackVia Integrations or by using their Developer APIs.
  • It provides teams across the organization with one secure, easy-to-use tool that accelerates the process of building apps, saving both time and money.
  • We can test and try app changes in a separate, sandbox environment. This ensures that no unwanted changes are deployed off the system, strengthening workflows.
  • We can even build offline apps that work well with iOS and Android devices.
  • By using its clean user interface, we can deploy native mobile apps and responsive dashboards in just a matter of a few clicks.

Pros vs Cons

Just like every good thing has a dark side, this platform is no different. And though there’s an unlimited potential that you can you achieve with TrackVia’s fastest no-code/low-code app builder. There are some limitations as well. Let’s understand them.

It is code-optional, meaning you can create apps with clicks or add your own code.A little expensive for small businesses and startups.
Promotes real-time flow of data, which includes pictures, signatures, barcodes, etc.Lacks additional data validation control.
Allows you to build apps that are mobile, web & offline friendly.User permissions are very granular and a little difficult to manage.
Easy to integrate with existing ERP, CRM, BPM, and financial systems.Limited functionalities with visualizations and monitoring data integrity.
Offers users intuitive form builders and drag-and-drop capabilities. 


The lowest plan TrackVia offers goes for $499/month. And though the product seems promising, it might not be an ideal fit for small businesses and startups. But if your organization is someone who can let go of money to trade in some value in your ecosystem, then you’ve got yourself a good deal.

For mid-size companies, the Quick Start plan serves as a good option. This is because you get the fundamental process features and are able to make use of intelligent workflow automation, which is a must nowadays.

But no matter what plan you choose. The one thing that you’ll love the most about TrackVia is the hassle-free setup they offer. If you are someone who is good at setting things up, you can refer to their guided tutorial or hire us here at Low Code Road to do the migration for you. Their integrations are powered by Workato’s award-winning platform, so you’ll be able to experience endless possibilities of TrackVia in no time.

Key Takeaway

As a low-code alternative to spreadsheets, legacy databases and complicated enterprise systems, TrackVia is an ideal match for any business. The platform rivals Google App Maker and Zoho Creator for their barebones simplicity. But if you are a little sound with technology, their how-to video tutorials, and a knowledge base is more than enough for you to get started with your journey.

In conclusion, we must not forget that any low-code development tool is largely about simplicity and its ease of use. TrackVia is something that strongly promises both of these as an integral part of its key features.

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