1 Simple Reason No-code Solutions Will NOT Replace Coding Developers!


The question of whether software developers will be replaced by no-code tools is a hot topic. Some people say that no-code tools can completely replace developers and others argue that the technology will never be able to replace developers with citizen developers. 

Both sides have some truth to them, but neither is entirely accurate. With technology evolving daily, it is important to consider all sides and options! Business owners now have more control over a solution to an operational challenge or implement an idea far more quickly for profit, with the use of no-code tools.  The obvious limitation to citizen development is that the no-code tools have to be programmed by someone who knows code.   

In this article, we will explore the reasons why no-code platforms could replace the overall number of code-wielding software developers in the future. However before we dig into it fully, please note that we clearly believe there will always be a need for some people who know how to code, because no-code tools and the building blocks they use are entirely made out of code. No program we are aware of is free from lines of code. So really the difference is how the code is put together. After reading our article you will likely have a few things to consider with respect to how you would run your business or manage your department inside the business you work for.

What is No-Code?

A no-code development platform is a tool for building software applications without coding yourself. It’s a popular and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical business users and we’ll cover more about them in a minute.  The main thing to know here is people can use pre-coded assembly blocks and put them together in any variety of ways to accomplish their ultimate goal with the new app, program, or website. 

The software eliminates the need to know how to code, making it user-friendly via drag-and-drop visual assembly. This drag-and-drop style of assembly allows users to pick and select functionality without having to learn any code no having to worry about keeping up with the latest coding trends.  The no-code applications they use help make the software development process easy and integration quick!  In fact, it is commonly believed that no-code solutions are ten times as fast to develop than someone creating the same software with traditional coding. Because of this, no code development is appealing, as it allows non-programmers to pump out apps or workflows quickly.

Businesses are turning to employees that can quickly create apps to solve a challenge at work and be more profitable. Technology is working for the benefit of businesses, big and small!


What is a Citizen Developer?

Are wondering what we meant above when we said, “citizen developer?”  These are noncoding professionals who have expertise in some other part of the business, that businesses are using to create new software, or apps or develop websites utilizing no-code and low-code development tools. Business users with little to no coding experience are becoming empowered in a big way – organizations across the board are taking notice of citizen developers. Using IT-approved technology, end-users are now able to create their own solutions without needing expert knowledge. In fact, Gartner recently reported that 61% of companies have either implemented or plan on implementing an active citizen development program! Enabling citizens is truly revolutionizing businesses from within and unlocking the untold potential for growth.

With technology advancing at a lightning-fast pace, the business world has remained entrenched in outdated methods like spreadsheets and desktop databases to solve their problems. However, this method of unchecked development – multiplied by an explosion of SaaS applications – led to a complex network requiring IT’s awareness for solutions.

Citizen coders, folks already employed by these businesses waiting for software solutions are filling in the gap.  They have a unique understanding of the business that even coders don’t, so while they lack in technical coding skills, they can more than make up for it with their business acumen, helping go from concept to fully functional solution in less time.  Also, the citizen developer is typically paid a significantly lower amount in salary than a coder on staff, so the projects are realized for a lower price too, making this solution very attractive to business owners and the executive teams that run them.  

User-Friendly No Code Platforms

A no-code development platform is essentially a user-interface builder. It is easy to use and can rapidly build using drag-and-drop features, integrating every web page together. You will see right away what you created!

Check it out quickly on mobile, tablet, and desktop. You can see what you are building in real time! The select functionality on no-code software allows you to try out other options, too!

Using visual models replaces the complexity of coding, allowing you to manage your data easily. Businesses can instantly take a need and quickly create a solution to make work easier.

This adds to the user-friendly experience of no-code software. It allows many businesses, big or small, to engage in no low or low code development. You can quickly take an employee on staff to create or add to the no-code software to find a solution.

Profitability Increases With No-Code

Software developers are expensive. No-code solutions give you a way to bypass that. If your solution requires low code, you can create and bring in a software developer to tie it all together. Even low code ways take away a lot of the overhead of skilled developers on staff.

Imagine the time you’re saving on the front end as you’re not looking for software developers. You don’t have to worry about the recruiting, and hiring phase for developers or coders. Time is saved, too, as no software developer must understand day-to-day operations in a business!

Having no code software increases profitability because it saves time. You’re able to find a solution quickly. Businesses can find a solution quickly and streamline processes. Employees often know the challenges of day-to-day operations and now have the capability to create real solutions that work.

Productivity Increases with No-Code

Businesses need to pivot quickly today, and no code software is the solution. The current business environment requires businesses to be agile. With the help of no-code software, one can work from anywhere, anytime, and make a correction quickly, seeing profits increase with time saved!

As a software developer coming into the business for a short period, it can be hard to understand the needs. And when you’re a non-developer working in the business every day, it’s hard to understand coders. It is like they’re talking in another language!

That is why no code software is so valuable: it helps everyone get along better by reducing misunderstandings and improving communication. Making updates is easy, as well as overall maintenance. 

The increase in productivity is, again, because citizen developers don’t have to write code. Instead, they can use existing frameworks or libraries for building their apps, programs, and websites as we discussed above. These frameworks and libraries used are created and available via the no-code software platform and have changed the game of software development in a positive way.

No-Code Creates a Better Culture

While businesses love to see increased profits and productivity, implementing no-code software can do so much more as they reduce the backlog and pressure on their Information Technology staff! Imagine a better work environment simply by utilizing citizen coders who work with these no-code software solutions to develop the needed programs.

Employees, managers, and all departments are coming together through the use of no-code software. They recognize everyday problems, use the software to create a solution, and see better results instantly! Integration of no code in businesses creates a better work environment as people are working together better.

Business users of no-code software can now build solutions for their unique problems themselves. This fosters team building and a better working environment when employees come together. A better culture at work allows for more innovation, team unity and so much more!

In Conclusion

Utilizing no-code or low-code using citizen developers instead of hiring coders may be a cost-effective decision for many businesses. It does not matter if your business is big, or small, and in any given industry. Many businesses are seeing increased profits, productivity, and better work culture.  The amount of businesses utilizing no-code solutions is only expected to increase year over year into the future.

Offering short-term and long-term solutions, no-code software is putting more technology in the hands of non-technical users. Any employee in the business can potentially create a needed solution without coding or knowing software that requires code mastery. The no-code software tools are intuitive in most cases and tend to be user-friendly, as you can see right away what you created! 

Creating solutions quickly increases profitability instantly. Productivity in the business and a better work culture are possibilities with no-code software. When employees are a part of the solution, it fosters a team culture and a better work environment.  The buy-in can foster loyalty to the company as well.

If you want to find solutions quickly and put them in the hands of an employee in your business, clearly the new solutions available are something to strongly consider. Any successful business will have an idea of what’s best for them and with the right tools. Find the right no-code software you need today for your business or your next product or service with us at Low Code Road

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